Minni's Corner for the girlies

Minni's Corner

Minni-D is norfolk arena drift team's Office Manager (unpaid) and one of our many lady drivers, so watch out Guy's 

Here Come The GIRLS
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Minni thrashing a school car
and thrashing the S14

And at speed on the fast Mallory circuit


And new for 2012
Georgina Hoare

On track in her new' E30, getting to grips with he norfolk track
BDC driver and partner Crackers, in the pasenger seat!

And after her first skid.

Also making her debut in 2012 is

Holly Laura Parker, (thats the one in the glasses!)

at her ever driving drift day (14/1/2012)

minni again


New member of the Norfolk girls Sharon, aka Stealth

Heidi Fanning, AKA Heido


Shifty Babe at speed


Regular at norfolk, Belinda Challis

'In Smoldering pose'

OR DriftHer as known on Driftworks



looking a bit 'Foxy' and probably smelling nice to.

and at a wet norfolk for the BDC licence day.

And all the way from Portugal, ANNA,


Anna came over for the weekend (Nov 2010) and hired a car from our friend Bob at Mallory, Along with Chunk and Bob, in 4 days managed 3 full drift days at 3 different tracks, seen above at norfolk,
Anna is likely to return next year to be our very own norfolk International girlie team member.

New to norfolk and new to driving let alone drifting (Aug 2011)

Lydia Daley
still a youngster ! (13) 2012

And not to be outdone by callum,


and sign written as well

Fiona drifting the family car! well.