Boys and their toys

 If you are not on this page, you are a team member PM me on drift works and i will sort it out.

New pic's and profiles for 2012

Monte Longstroke.

One of our regulars from overseas, Monte has been a norfolk regular over the
 Last few years but sadly for us he is off back to his homeland
The USA, we will all miss Mr and Mrs Monte and the RX7

before drifting, looking 'moody'

Sam Hawkes,  getting to grips with life at norfolk in his tidy Nissan Skyline.

and a'head' of the game.

 But no idea what this is, never that wet at norfolk!

And keeping the tyre fitters happy.

*IJ Linge, in his new, rather bright BMW

and taking the 'helllooo' pose.

Marcio Garcia OneNation.

in last years car,

no comment from me!

and this years car.

David Kiwilian Jackson

Yes we do need you to wear clothes!!!

Sam Peate.

Trying out the pick up truck,

and out for a run in the family run about,,

and keeping the sponsors happy.

Boys and their Toys
  Meet Ben Morley

Ben Joined us at norfolk late 2009 with his MK2 Escort for a few laps to see if we could help in his quest for a BDC licence, it didn't take long to realise that he would go onto greater things, 

I am pleased that his trip to our track helped him, i am proud to say that Ben thinks of Norfolk as his HOME track, despite the 3 hour journey.
Ben also took a podium place (2nd but should have been 1st) in his first season with the BDC, and he did it at norfolk, just for us.

This was 'just' a practice run against the 2009 BDC champ at norfolk, Baggsi was the first to admit that had it been for real..............
you judge,
from one end of the scale a mk2 escort 2.0 ltr---  to the all singing full blown scooby,
not only showing that all types of rear wheel drive car can compete.
BUT just shows how well Ben has adapted to the world of drifting

Ben is the editor of the Retro-Ford magazine, he has included his trips to norfolk in the Mag, and we thank him for that,
THE car and driver to watch in 2011.
MMMM now what did malx say, o yer DONT LET OFF

Caution! do you want to end up looking like this? and that's after just 2 laps. 

showing the massive angle that the escort can run, JAY and NICK from Morleysport really have worked wonders on the car,

Our 1st drift team morleysport  demo at santa pod 2010

my mate, He dont do interviews!! so tell me Ben how does it feel to be a drifting star
''IT FEELS GOOD MATE'' but malx you really need to get a hair cut!
cheers mate!
And the start of something big, coming soon to a track near you.

The Morleysport cozzy powered capri                              

Mr Bean and Mr Blobby

The team from Cunningham motors have always made the effort in car preparation with the 2 cars that they run with us, the team are really what we are about,they work on a budget, they all come, they all stay and they all have some fun, drift team members FTW

AXLE #100
Alex is a norfolk regular and seldom misses a track day, he's always up to help out track side if we need him,
not to sure about the dodgy shirts though :-)

Always nice to put a face to a car and number
on the other hand!!

now that looks like a man that has a plan.(captain Scarlet fan i guess!)

always smiling, what ever direction he is going,

And now an expert at the art of 'smokin tyres'

2010 ODC finalist Chris Hawkins,another regular,

just 1 of a great set of shots taken by drift photo man BLACKETT
see more at

And a fan of BMW's

All i said to Chris was have you any safety wear, bit over the top but i did ask!
anyone would think its cold at

CowPatMatt, why would you call yourself that!!
However, the boy can drift, started out with us in 08 with an MX5, the king of the dirt drop, changed this year to an S14, entered the finals at ODC this year, his first run in his new car and finished a very respectable 3rd overall.
Matt travels to events at norfolk from Dorset !  at over 4 hours drive each way, that's dedication, Matt rarely misses a track day with us.


Mark 2 Rob

another regular that has been with us from the early days,
( note the passenger's smile )

and has spent a lot of time and effort on the MK2 escort,

And the thumb's up from the driver.enjoying the foot+ of snow.

A rare site of Rob, without the hat!

One of our NEW members Matt Smith  09

at our first ever 'drift under the lights'event

Liking the 'if i lean over will it help' pose

showing some good angle through the pit turn at norfolk.

And Scotty-j in the MX5, at speed, with good angle, under the lights at our November 2010 track day.
Scotty started his drifting on track with us in 09, always smiling, and is as regular, as his finances allow, he has shown real promise and will in 2011 be entering the ODC championship, all the norfolk spirit to him for that.
 He is now joined by his 'other half' Amy on track in her BMW E30 (girlie section)
 Always with a big crew that can keep the cafe running all day on there own! 


Darren Saunders at speed in the RETRO Capri, another regular at our days and shows consistent pace around the track, i think possibly from a few years racing the ovals!!

and seen here as a passenger with 'team mate' Gary Fowler in the good ol cozzy engined Sierra,
another very consistent driver in a NON typical drift car,
Gary using the sierra to TOW a trailer with all the teams spare wheels, and then drift the car all day, respect from Malx

Another new to norfolk driver, Mr Luke, in the MR2

The MR2's do not lend themselves to drifting very easily,MID-Engine layout making them difficult to get sideways,a great effort on his first visit and will be 1 to watch next year.


The norfolk team recovery vehicle (Malc's toy)

Yet another non typical drift weapon!!  Mitsubishi Starion, driven HARD

Bumper just 'hangin' in there, Passenger is Callum, our resident passenger ride poacher!


Ross86, returning to drifting after a 2 year lay off, and becoming a norfolk regular, another that WILL do well in the ODC 2011


Young Ross, 'the girls favorite' looking to go for a BDC licence, would be a entertaining addition to their ranks as well


yet another nice looking and well handling car.
Eastwood, (no not Clint) is near to my age and has attended just about every day we have done over the last 3 years,and a very, very consistant driver seen here in his latest BMW, very well turned out car, and alround nice fella

drift mekanic


i always will have a spot for the sierra, this 1 is cozzy power, taken a bit of work but looks the part.

New to drifting coming from the stock car world, Damen Haskett (Aug 2011)