Minnie's RULE BOOK

Basic stuff
Minni's rule book

On arrival at the track find yourself a suitable spot in the pits but not on the concrete please.

Once you're settled have a wander down to my office so i can get you signed on and ready to go, the sooner this gets done the sooner you can get on track!

Brian will be in the pits ready and waiting to check your car over and number it (see our Membership thread if you don't have a number) - this is just to make sure all cars are safe and sound and we can tell you apart once you're on track.

All passengers MUST be signed on, no matter what time they arrive, even if they only want to go out once - this is for insurance purposes.

The pit lane speed is 10mph all the way round - this is non-negotiable. Burnouts, donuts or generally driving like a cock in the pit lane is also a NO NO.(edit required?Not really,just dont mess with Minn)

Smoking on track or within 20 feet of Malx is not permitted.

Hanging limbs outside of the cars is not advised - non of us are very good at sewing them back on should you have a coming together with the wall!

Malx also has a thing about dirt dropping, mainly as it means the Marshall's and crowd get covered in shale so please try not to do it.


The drift days at Norfolk can be pretty busy and masses of seat time is what everyone wants, so, we use the flags to ensure the smooth running of the track.

If people ignore the flags then they stall the track; which means stoppages; which means loss of seat time.......simples.

Checkered Flag
Chequered Flag
Its all over, return to the pits at walking pace

Green Flag
GREEN means GOHappy Green Smiley Facebut not before i say so.

Yellow Small Flag
YELLOW  Means SLOW to walking pace, we may have had to send out a marshall to replace a cone!
or there is an obstruction on track

Silk Red Flag
RED means STOPSmiley FaceNO Arguments.

Pit LanesDisney Cars King

This year we trialled a 2 lane system in the pits to try and improve track time for all. The feedback has been almost entirely positive so its something we'll continue to do.

Basically the lanes run as follows:

A LaneDisney Cars Sally - this is for more experienced drivers who feel confident linking the track and who are aiming to 'hone' their drift skills by trying for clipping points and feel confident drifting in 'close quarters' with other cars.

B LaneDisney Cars Luigi - this is for new starters, cars with a standard set up and for drivers who generally just want to go at their own pace.

Cars will be labelled A or B by Brianincredibles Triyccle Boy when they have their safety check. Drivers can change lanes during the day but may be asked to return to their initial lane if the Marshall's feel it is in the best interests of the running of the track and other drivers.

The aim is to ensure everyone gets as much seat time as possible and that drivers of similar abilities are on track together.

Disney Cars Fillmore


This is a very important part of the Norfolk Drift Team.

If your birthday falls on or within 3 days either side of the drift day you are obliged to bring cake for all. The usual drifters excuses of no money, broken cars, natural disasters etc will not be accepted.
As a rule we're not fussy, any type of cake is welcomed.Lightning McQueen