Malx projects

Malx projects


THE POP IS NOW AT J_R_Ford and Sons and Trev is on the case. 4/7/2013

 for all updates on the pop 59 project see Huxley motorsport face book page for photos, (Dec2012)

final build for the pop with norfolk regular and 100e expert  JIM, (Oct 2013)

NOW FINISHED, pics on malcolm 'fozzy' foskett face book page,

 many thanks for the great job from Jim.




 Thanks so far, in no perticular order  
Cunninghams Garage (Secma,Q-Pod dealer)
  Burton Power,
Brother Trevor, and Ian from

J_R_Ford Shefford
James Baglin, (see all photos on his face book page)
Ben Morley and Morleysport 
 Sean from 100e fourm




Page under construction... a bit like a few cars we have on the go.   (2010)

It goes as said that the biggest project has been the track days at norfolk, 3 years
have seen us reach a good
all round status and attract drivers from all over the country,along with the
 membership we run(free to join)
we have a great family thing going on now, i am proud of our team and all they
stand for.
Another smaller project for me has been sorting the membership for the ODC
championship, all drivers that
do not currently compete in BDC or JDM can enter with a grand final taking place
 around October 2011,

Also this year we have helped at a few of the BDC rounds with scrutineering.
We now help run the pit area as well as scrutineering (me Minnie and Ammo)
for the 2011 season.


Mittsi Matt is up and running on fitting a 3.5 BM engine,donated by AMMO into 1 of my E30 BMW's
we have used parts donated by some of our members and should have enough bits left over to fund the
suspension, the car will be used for passenger rides at norfolkarena as the original shed is getting a bit 'tired!
  (this project has been  cancelled due to the 'closure' of matts business
.Jan 2011)

Following on from this
The lads at Cunningham's Autos have stepped in to help me out,
the project is totally for the arena and will be for stunts and rides, more very soon.
my thanks go to Bean, Blooby and Keith for there support. (March 2011)

We are underway with an s13 1800cc turbo that we have had sitting
around in bits for some time,
 the car was not good in the floor dept (beware bidding on e-bay
without viewing!!) and had
 part of the engine in bits.
Brother Trev wanted a project (well he didn't but was hinted at a lot)
 as i no longer send
 him stock cars to repair, with a very long association with the
Ford dealer, J R Ford Trev
 has persuaded them to get a bit involved, the paint shop are race car
 friendly so they are
currently painting the car, i gave them a free hand so they are going
for the
 Nissan metallic red with a silver block colour from the front arch
back up and over the boot.
I popped in to have a look and the lads were polishing the car and
it really
 is a very good job, see malxs sponsor page for details and ring
Trev for a quote :-) 
Trev will be carrying out a bit of welding and sorting the engine
with a turbo donated by the Hawkins team, thank you guy's.
We brought some over fenders for the rear at a bargain price from
 at Carbon Copy
Carbon Copy

TEL: 0845 631 4495

FAX: 01438 359933

Address: Unit 32, Shangri-La Farm, Todds Green,
SG1 2JE. United Kingdom.

as the rear had a lamp post in-print in it!!
Sharon,bless her, has also found us a roll cage for it so that
will also
 go in when Trev gets time, so once all finished that will be
 drift novice out on track
May 2011
The guys at the J-R-Ford garage have all chipped in with the build
of the S13, the long plan was to have a crack at the BDC but with
things as they are with the pop project (see below) we now have
 no budget for it so it will stay a norfolk car for Minnie and myself
 to teach in and sort out passenger rides, that after all has always
been our main aim at norfolk.
That hasent stoped them from stripping out the car and a total
repaint, which is like glass, a great job so far and i guess only fare
that they get first run out in it,
J-R-Fords are sponsoring the paint for the school, but have also
offered cut price body work and paint to any of our many friends
 in the drift world.
With all the engine back together and the turbo supplied by
TEAM HAWKINS all sounds good when started up for the first
time this week (29/8/2011)
Ian and the rapid fit guys are currently helping Trev with the
 pipe work and the axle bearings as welll as saving tyres for us,
Need tyres, Call and speak to Ian, for bodyshop speak to Trevor.

update on the pick up truck
popped over to see the lads at the weekend (14th may 2011)
well impressed with he work so far, the whole team have
really put
in a great effort for me
 following on from our resent let downs!! the
Cunningham autos team
 have restored me with a bit of faith, cheers boys,
can't wait to try it out,
 pics soon to follow.
June 2011  just needs paint now, excited? yes we are,
Stiggy looking at the steering to get us more lock, cheers
stiggy (july2011)
AUG 2011
Pick up is in for paint, Glen and the team have worked so hard to
 get this car sorted, it looks great and will be a right laugh to
 passenger ride in, we hope to see the debut at the
 norfolk 10th Sept track day.

Our good friend  Mallory Bob has donated a car for us to use for
1st timers
a 6 cylinder bmw seen here with new-beee callum out for a
 few laps
 at the 7th May event.
Bob has helped out at norfolk many times and the donation of
this BMW has given the chance to over 20 new drivers, to go
 for a spin.(Aug 2011)

callum in bm

UPDATE ON POP PROJECT 1/7/2011(Burton Power)


Up at morleysport the guys are setting about building a car for me to use at demos and shows,
the build is featured in the RetroFord Mag.
O yes the car
From the 50's and its a
FORD 100e   (pic's taken May 2010 




Latest pic of cage (oct 2010)



  this is the start of the roll cage and the suspension pick up points in the rear of the car, 






Project magic.



 Welcome to the next instalment from Project Magic headquarters,



In my many years of motor sport i/we have campaigned all that is Ford  around the ovals of Britain,
starting on the grass track scene in the late 70’s in a  997cc Anglia and our first ever sideways moment
happened on lap 1 of race 1, hooked, as the years have passed the best way to get a race car around a
circuit is with the ‘on the rails approach’ so alongside our race campaign we also in 2004 ventured into
 the drift scene,

The fact that we as a team have always pretty much built all our cars, we have stayed pretty much Ford
based, and enjoyed every minute of it, and with some success,but with my long serving mechanic
(brother Trev) deciding to settle down and not really that interested with the drift scene i was looking
 at the end of my racing career, a chance meeting with a fella called Smith, Jillian Smith aimed me in a
 different direction, teaching!!

 With contacts in the oval world a meeting with the owners at Kings Lynn Stadium saw a deal struck and
 drifting was set into their race dates,
We only run practice days and everyone is welcome, its fun, but we had a dilemma, all drift cars are jap!!,
The days of the rear wheel drive Fords seemed long gone, the odd sierra and escort maybe but the
cheapest option for school cars turned out to be BMW’s, boy did that hurt but with costs as they are i had
 to give in.

 Last year a wipper snapper called Morley turned up at the track for a bit of practice, in a ESCORT, everything
 looking good and tidy, and to be fare not a bad driver, it was the Escort though, after a just a few laps
 we had the car and driver singing in harmony,


The rest you will have read about in the pages of the mag,


   Drift team Morleysport was born, much as i enjoy sorting out events and demos and teaching driving is
still my passion, to this end we decided that maybe we could build a car to use for demos,
I have spent most
of this year in my ‘spare time’ working with Jay and Nick at morleysport and have no end of admiration for
 the dedication to the ‘ol Fords’

 The lads were chatting about demos and offered to build a car for me to use,this was snapped up so fast
that the tea and biscuits were left spinning on the counter, so what to build, the only ford i have never raced
 was a POP,so that was it, i found 1 that was due to be scrapped in a chicken shed, still cost £’s but did come
 with almost all the panels and some spares, Jay and Nick came with me to pick it up and the pair looked
so excited i decided there and then that whatever they decided to do to it was good by me.


Back at the workshops we were allocated a space to work in (thanks Guv)


 And set about striping the car, some work had taken place but to be honest just didn’t look the part so once
stripped we stood back and just stared at it for a while, A FORD pop, drifting! Crazy idea, that decided we all
 agreed it would be fun to try, sadly the arches had been cut to take bubble arches other than that the rest of
the panels were stock, the bulk head was cut and the tunnel had been opened up, but no sign off rust, result,

 The only panels we are missing are the doors, a trip to the 100e forum finds a pair, one call and some beggin
 and job done, doors donated to the project from Shaun.   
We decided that a roll cage is a must (they have seen my driving style) so some floor plates are made and
welded to take the roll cage posts, we are using seamless steel tube so that the car will be upto drift comp
standards, withsomesweat and a pipe bender we (Jay mainly) set up and fit in the front and rear hoops, as
 weight is not a major factor for us we run some extra door bars just above the sill,these will be tied into the
chassis later for strength, with these in place we are ready for SPARKS




Jay is ready and waiting with the grinder, a master at work, out came the boot floor, leaving the chassis rails
in place, and still attached to the rear panel (a rule in the drifty rule book) such finesse with a 9inch grinder
has to be seen to be believed.
 At this point we are chatting about what to do with the rear axle,



 After several mock up’s for the rear axle things are starting to take shape, we think probably escort, coil over’s
 and ...well we will have to see,



   Jay has worked out that we can set the rear axle a few inches further back this means taking out the
rear turrets and the link bar mountings, these would have had to come out anyway as it looked like the
 chickens in the shed had welded them in, so more sparks, once cleaned up we can start welding in the
next section of the roll cage.



  We run some tube from the roll bar to make a frame work that the suspension can be tagged into as well
as the rest of the roll cage; we are cross bracing as well to add strength.
Talk of the running gear leads us to the power plant, we have mocked up with a pinto, and engine builder nick
 is keen to turbo it,so the ideas are there, we are looking to use the car for demos and stunts but also compete
 if we can, so this is turning into a project that may need more than the odd’ ‘stand back’ moment, whichever
 way it goes it will be good and give the jap car boys a bit of a shock! And really show the what the lads at
morlysport can do.
So it is left to the wise one to source parts, we have Ben to sort that, we are all out to see how we can give t
he car not only power but some real trick stuff, a multi task motor i think,\stunt, drift and grip with just a few
adjustments, i have mass’s of faith here.




Fozzy 148  


Project magic part 2. 


 With a busy year of comp’s, demo’s and events this year our project had to take a bit of a back seat, well
 that’s before Jay set about it with the grinder and removed it! But joking apart we have all had other stuff
to sort,me being a bit unwell and work for a living really gets in the way, and for our main man Jay a well-earned
 holiday, BUT we still made progress, Jay cracked on and finished the rear cage and located the pick-up points
 for the rear suspension, and as you see from the picture’s that’s a lot of cutting and welding, we are running just
 one diagonal brace bar but have gone with cross bracing in the boot and running the rear bars as far back as we
can, this gives us a base to move the rear suspension about a bit and also gives us scope to experiment with set ups. 
  to the untrained eye it may look a bit over kill, but trust me this baby aint going to bend or flex, an awesome job on
 this bit fill’s me with confidence for the rest,



 I myself have also been busy from the front room and have, after much deliberation with the team found an engine
 for the project, but wait I hear you say ‘PINTO POWER’, well that was our first thought, and we did mock up with one,
But I had decided in my head that we need to go for something a bit different, I would have liked to stay with the
original concept, turbo a side valve! But sadly probably not a good idea on our non-existent budget, I would dearly
love to stick to Ford power, but they have all been done in a pop, so what next, I have always wanted this project
to reflect what the boys at Morleysport can do, and to that end want a car that we can ‘fit’ into any event that we
rock up at, Retro Ford on tour, so we want to drag strip it, grip race it, Drift it, stunt drive it, and polish and show.



So what did I buy…….. an MR2, WHY, because the engine in the potter project Anglia sounded great. Simple,



  The car I found has a super-charger engine that has been modded to run a Turbo, so all the bits are there and s
till fitted to the car, the guy did not want to break it himself, so i bid on the whole car, my luck is never that great
 on the interwebb thingy so I am hoping it has changed for once, I paid for the lot what I would have paid for the
turbo and intercooler alone, the owner was adamant that it runs well so we will give it to Nick to play with, looking
at web sites these engines are rev-able and although only 1600cc can turn 200+bhp, a good all-round combination
for us I feel.
 There is however questions like, how the hell does all that fit in there? And how do you get it out? Sure the lads can
 sort that, grovelling required here I think.



 Time to phone Jay and explain my thoughts, the response was not what I expected, having mocked up and welded
 the mounts for a pinto I thought I might be singing in an all-boys soprano choir, but no, ‘right mate you know we
will need to mod the sump and cut here and there with the bulk head and find some were to fit the inter cooler
and’ ……..WOO, relief and even more excitement in the camp.



  That said though all the mock up was for the pinto, the MR2 is a cross flow so the exhaust and turbo will not be
 in the right place’ bugger!



  No worries from Jay though, we have to cut out the gearbox tunnel anyway as it looks terrible and was always
my pet hate, I may even sneak in and cut it out myself I hate it that much,



 We can incorporate the exhaust into the tunnel and build in gearbox mountings as we go so I am out of the
 dog house so far, the gearbox area is also open at the moment, we, have (well Jay has)’ a hot rod (Ford) type
gearbox sitting in the corner that will take the power if Nick doesn’t turn the wick up to much, and the lads have
already mastered the fit to a 4AGZE engine in potter so we are aiming in the right direction, COOL.



 The shell has suffered at the hands of the previous owner and all 4 wheel arches have been cut out to take
bubble arches, the front wings we could change back to original but the rears would be a big problem to return
to stock, sadly the bits that were cut out were ‘weighed in’ so it looks like we will have to go with the mk1 Escort
style bubble arches, it will no doubt, look the part but a big part of me would have liked to have it stock.



  so another trip onto the worldwide internet to see what’s on offer, Naff all really, i did how ever find a firm
that offers to mould them up to order, chatting away as you do I discovered that the guy in charge was John Cross,
 a name that rings bells in the rally and race world, they have sent a sample set for us to look at and they do go with
the way Jay is setting up the car, so as part of the project I fancy a trip to his workshops to ‘mould me own’
should be fun, my only concern with this type of arch is that when I get carried away tyres tend to die, and that
could damage the rear arches on the first run out.



  Jay recons that we can tub, that’s weld in metal liners into the rear inner arches, so problem solved there as well,
suddenly we have got a fair bit done,

Nov 2010
more to come

Due to Ben being very unwell this project has also sadly had to come to a
 halt, hope a speedy recovery for Ben as he is really missing the skids and
the banter. 12/12/2010

JUNE 2011
Enter Stiggy and his crew, car and bits picked up from Morleysport and
 down to the 'drift shack'

>>>NEWS, project now restarted

With Ben under the weather for some time the pop
 project had come to a halt,
 the full multi point cage was 99%finished by Jay up
at Morley's,
As ever it's always hard to make a decision when it
comes to abandoning a project,
so the Guv at Morleysport allowed us to keep the car
there for a indefinite time
until we all recovered!!



   The idea was originally from Steve 'stiggy' Evans
and he offered to have it at the 'shack' to finish it off.






  The idea was always to multi task the car as it is the oddest
shape drift car you will ever see,
 but in order to finish it we need to 'scrounge' parts,both stiggy
and I have always built (well brother Trev for me!!)our cars from
what ever we can afford,
so thats never a good start! but we have always made good, 
At stiggys unit he has the help of a few guys that drop in,
 and new to the little team and already showing some very
 good work is James Baglin,
 stiggy is the master at finding stuff you and i would just
 never see,example: from this,
is this a steel shelf unit???




NO, its
one of the carriers for the link bars for the rear axle,













in place

and welded in

as you see there is a bit of steel in the car so we are going
 to need some power, we have an engine in mind but not
 going to tempt fate so will tell when we see it in the car!

the lads have made the anti roll bar mounts and got the
 steering mounts in,
so in all some progress on the car has been made over
 the last few weeks,
so a warm welcome to James   new to project 'Magic' 



 Also good news for me, and the team is the interest
 in our project
from the master tuners, Burton Power,
famous for Ford tuning for many years, and legends in
 the hot rod world,
 (amongst others) and the company behind the alloy pinto
 in the Morley escort,
 and more recently the cosworth engine in stiggy's starlet,
Talks are under way for the power plant for magic
,the engine is Hush Hush at the moment but will
Possibly be a development of a brand new Ford block, big power
 and BIG rev's
and also several bits and pieces that we need to finish the car, 
I can highly recomend them for there dedication to motor-sport and
quality of workmanship.
from this

Ford Cosworth BDA / BDGto this,, or this
Ford SOHC (Pinto)or maybe

Ford Zetec E


When it comes to Ford, Cosworth and Lotus Twin Cam
 performance tuning parts, Burton Power have been
 delivering the best in quality, service and value for
 money for over 40 years.




With over 11,000 different products we can supply everything from door seals to wiring looms,
 wheel nuts to complete engines, and the vast majority are in stock ready for immediate
 dispatch via our knowledgeable and enthusiastic team.









Fresh from the guys at Burton's are a pack of link bars,

And some adjustable top mounts

and the mounts ready to fit to the rear axle
June 2011
Tack welded, on a stiggy style work bench!!

and dry fit to the car

and a 'ruff' idea what it will look like (retro Weller wheels)

and the shock absorber mounts going on

all this area will be filled (tub) in, i dont smoke!

over the next week Steve is moving into a new premises in the same
area but with more space' and running water, so best of luck in his new venture.

Contact number for Steve is 07743576556
Flocking, ring for prices.

July 2011
We have moved the pop to stiggy's new workshops, we have spent
the weekend helping Steve and Heather get the place workable,
new shelves everywhere and a first for stiggy, a tidy work space!!
so first priority for them is paying work, so the pop gets looked at
when we or HE gets time, BUT strides have been made and we now
 have engine and gearbox in and all the mounts fabricated,
the panhard bar will be the next job and then we hit the ground
 on wheels!! 

The home made gearbox mount, and Steve fitting it,

Note the goggles !! good lad, safety first at Project 6.

and in place with the gearbox

first dry fit arches

And a first real look at the car on the ground in its very own 'Burton pit box'
and with a change to the front arch, smaller version.

 Way further than i thought we would get in 3 weeks (June)

Me and Steve chatting about stuff, prob no help from me
but hay ho,

bit of an arty shot,

and first mock up of engine mount

  the finished item

engine mount fitted pre-paint.

side on view of stiggys engine mounts, webbed for a bit more
strength, Steve has made a few spares so we have a base to
modify for the different engines we may have to fit.
Also the first part of the steering column going in so we can
 start mock up for the exhaust.
Quick rack donated by stiggy.

With the engine bay stripped out again it's time to remove
some of the bulk head and re-plate so we can fit in the
 exhaust and the carb's.

hole in fire wall, now you see it

now you dont!

a lot of cutting and welding in order to tyake the varity
of engines we are looking to run.

and a clean up before paint.

some stiggy mounts for the strut brace,

can you guess what it is yet??

and fitted, possible rose joints to fit at a later date.

and also time to rub down all the cage, job for James

and the engine mounts

engine cross member

gearbox mount

the link bars

and the primed up engine bay

All ready for a coat of paint.

on to the inside

Dry fit of a escort pedal box, again donated by stiggy,
and the start of the steering column, we plan to fit
electric power steering as well.

dry fit for steering column
and the mounting point

another arty shot! Make sure you always
 wear gloves boys and girls!!!

Steve doing a bit of 'knotching'

and tack weld in place

finaly welded in place,

and braced for extra strength

AND adjustable, we may remove all the steering lock assembly
but for the time being will see how much clearance we get.

We are using a Toyota steering column, yes you guessed,
 Steve had a few in the garage
from e/bay we have a power steering pack and ECU
cost at £50 and from a corsa, Ben has fitted a simular
unit to the Capri and escort and reports
'its great, better than sex'
will hold judgement there i think but a must for the drivers
that like their comforts.(power steering)

Dry run fit again for the steering, seat placement will come
 later but a quick try out shows the steering, pedals and
gear stick all feel comfortable, so good work again from Steve,
 a massive amount of progress again, with some seats sourced
 from e/bay all is looking good at this stage.

Both Steve and i have a long 'hot rod' back ground and
some say!! we over engineer, i say we go for strength,
 extra mount point and brace for the column, i rest my case

on the deck, lower that the morals of a phone hacker!!.
July 2011.

Wc 25/7/2011
With the engine bay now stripped of the engine, and all the
 areas stripped clean for paint.
The primer all done, the remaining mods to the bulk head and
 the plates that make up the firewall complete.
And then RED.

Time to refit the front cross member, (Steve getting some help
 from ruby the dog)all braced and painted.
The steering rack refitted with alloy rack mounts (£25 of E-Bay)
Steve going for a subtle shade of RED in the engine bay, makes
 a massive difference to the appearance of the front end,
 next to the top mounts are the brackets for the strut brace.

the amount of dry run fitting in this sort of build is a massive part
of the build time, some parts are on and off several times with a
modification here and there often required.

refit the ford plate, in-case we need spares!!

top mounts now set in place

with the engine back in and the mounts fixed,braced and
painted you can
see the low look it has in the engine bay, with the engine
also further
 back than normal we will have a bit more room for the
 'extras' and
more air flow around the engine bay.

James arty photo, and my favorite so far.
we may need a sump guard!!!!!

back to the inside again, gearbox tunnel,

The transmission tunnel, my real pet hate in the car,
 for now we need to relocate the gearstick hole in the tunnel.
Steve cutting out the marked area.

the boy loves his grinder!

cardboard template for the metal plate.

and the plate welded in place ready to be holed for the
 gear stick.

new location for the gear stick and the plate welded in
 for the 'Wand'

and here it is, from the nice men at Burton Power.

And in place, we are going for the angled placement,
this should mean that less body movement required,
thats important with the advance years of the proposed driver!!

time to set up the rear, the shocks we are using are from GAZ,
and donated by them through Ben at the Retro Ford Magazine.


Brackets in place we can now fit the panard bar (Rod) in place

Now the car is starting to look funky.

so with the shocks on and the suspension all in place 
it's starting to look very MEAN.
With the car back on the floor we now get a good idea were the
wheels are going to be, that then gives us the chance to dry fit the arches,

 we will only mock up were the arches go as they are not
 designed for the car!!!
the fit is close considering that they are MK1 escort fitment,
The arches (including a spare rear set) are from X-sport racing
Nr Basingstoke, run by no other than
Mick Cross, a name rally and hot rod fans will know.

We will leave the final fit to the guys at J.R.Ford of Shefford to sort
out when they prep and paint the car,
I was really pleased to hear that they are really looking
 forward to the challenge
and are race fans as well, so think first round of passenger
rides are well booked up!

we may lift it up a bit!!!

We are at a point now were with a 'small push' we can get the car rolling
We are hoping that Ben 'retro Ford' Morley can find a diff, fuel tank
 and exhaust manifold for us,
The guys at J R Ford and sons Shefford are all up to get painting
 the body for us so Steve is on a mission to get all the bits bolted
on and ready, rear turrets for the shocks along with the fire wall are
 already on the go as well as some rear 'tubs' over the rear wheels
 to protect the fibre glass arches from tyre de-lamination.
(aug 2011)

ALL photos on this build are supplied by James (cheers mate great job)



Following on from the car meet at Stiggys workshops (Aug 11th) we are in talks
with Huxley motor-sport with a view of helping us with the paneling and
 the floor plan,news as we get it.

what the pop might look like when we get it back!!!!

what a tub! should look like, yes please we will have 1 of those.

the POP is now settled in at Marc's workshop,the other side of the
workshop is a Camaro drag racing car in build, we are hoping to race it
up the strip when they are both build, now that would be FUN!