Team Hawkins

I would like to welcome
The Hawkins Team, they have been with us from the start and have supported norfolk dispite the monster round trips involved from the south coast area.
Always happy to help others and always smiling, Chris has come on leaps and bounds since we first watched him in the big old BM, now in his self built car Chris is a Pro driver for the BDC but always makes it to norfolk for the fun days, without a doubt a driver to watch over the coming year,
Along with Chris comes the family, full support and also very handy with the camara.
So over to Kenny:

Well theres not many people that I have full confidence in when i get up close and personal to the cars by standing by the white line at norfolk - but Steve "Minty" Whitbread is one of them.

Steve Minty

If you didnt attend last years Top 8 Battle then you missed Minty doing an impression of Superman with a face plant on to Norfolk! this year he said hes going to try and do Batman. Video camera's at the ready!

So come along to the Norfolk Weekender! Awesomefest may not be happening but one thing I can gurantee this weekender is going to be Awesome!

Oliver Coo at the last day just kept going round and round at Norfolk poor little MX-5 didnt know what was going on!

Oliver Coo

So just a teaser for now and I'll do a full date after the 16th

You can find all my pictures on!/pages/Kenco-Photography/219118921476038

MORE to come from Kenny and the family next month.