CrossShots Photography

Hi, i’m Matt Cross and I am a 16 year old photographer specialising mainly in motorsports. Although I am interested in other aspects of photography. Such as Lanscape, Family and photo shoots. I have been spending most of my time here at CrossShots and also at an American Fitment/Stance/Drift site called for a few months now, I also recommend you go over to Save The Roots as they have some awesome stuff there!

However this year I am hoping to cover various rounds of the BDC and JDM Allstars/Drift Allstars drifting seriers and possibly some local events such as Practice days at Mallory Park and
Norfolk Arena.

As much as i can :)

feel free to contact me at for prints or Higher Resolution copies.


Here are a few preveiws from Norfolk

Also check my video from 7th May, I usually dont record video but i would like to do more.

Oh and by the way, im the kid with long hair and glasses, come say hi :)

Also check out my reports on, i cover various drifting events for them including BDC, DWYB, Mallory Park FCD:MP Practice days and soon to be Norfolk Arena Practice days! A like for them will be hugly appretiated.

One last thing ... please go over to my Facebook FanPage and give it a like!


Please visit and head over to the Gallery for all my photos.