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Sponsors page

This page is dedicated to companies that are active in helping me to run
the drift team as well as my own endeavours.
My own race career started in the late 70's and has spanned the ovals of 
the GB as well as Belgium and Canada,all of which are 'followed' on our
family web site 


Norfolk Arena are EPIC, Buster has been the life saver for us and has supported everything we do to bring new drivers and supporters into the drift scene,  the norfolk drift team would not be here but for his and the stadiums help. (see home page)













 Our longest supporter being John R Ford and Sons, whom I worked for in the early days and both brothers Trevor and Colin work for now.

The Ford Dealer is based in Royston,Herts as well as Shefford,Beds and carry out all types of car service as well as dedicated tyre fitting bays
 (Rapid Fit)
Also a vehicle body shop is on site at Shefford.

New and used car sales are at both branches.














01462 628628

With a long established reputation for excellence in both the product we supply and the way in which we look after our customers you will go a long way before finding deals as good as those we offer .... on a daily basis!
Now employing over 60 staff, across 4 sites, John R Ford & Sons Ltd has a reputation admired by all, even by the
 trade - take a look around our site and then contact us to talk about ways we can help you with your new or existing Ford vehicle

With sites across Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire this family owned and run business has been serving the local community
for nearly 50 years. 



 And New to our team this year


Kevin and the team have taken on a project for me this year (2011)
They are converting a BMW 325 estate into a drift passenger ride drift car
The team are regulars at norfolk and have always produced very smartly turned out cars.

As well as the youngest drifter at norfolk, Tristan (13)

The team at
CUNNINGHAMS AUTOS have also supplied a Q POD for me to use at the events and shows that I and my team members help to run, the BDC (British Drift Championship) run events all over the country and we run the pit and grid lanes for them, with the distance we cover the Q POD is a massive help.

AWSOME FEST, again the
CUNNINGHAMS AUTOS team were a major part in helping us with our duties at The Mallory Park Extreme sport festival organised by our good friend BOB INGLIS and Driftworks,
We had the Q POD recovery vehicle as well as 2  four seat-er Q PODS and a display of the other vehicles in the range, not only to look at but on loan to the MAXIS tyre show girls to use all over the 3 day event.
We also had a few stunt shows through the weekend with the Q pod performing!  
vid to be released 9th Aug

 Malx motor for the weekend
Before we started,
Ammo trying out the tow motor

And minnies vehicle for track control

And yes the little Q-POD did tow in a few broken drift cars,

(July 2011)
pics to follow
Q pods at norfolk

(Kev pointing out the quick POD)

The Garage has an car ( drift friendly ) and motor bike MOT center as well as service and repair.
The SECMA dealership is also run from the site.
The Q PODS can be hired for the day or long term, prices are from £50 a day, a very competitive price... and the road legal  Diesel PODS can cover over 140 MPG.
Cunninghams Garage near Hempnall, Norwich, NR15 2NG, UK








 Cunninghams Auto





Bungay Road, Hempnall, Norwich, Norfolk NR15 2NG
01508 499232 ·

And the very Quick F16, at norfolk.

The 4 seater showing it can take the weight!! (well over 500KG)
I can fully endorse these Q PODS, they are very strong and 'GREAT FUN' and the support from Kevin (owner) and Lucy(Cunninghams PA) are exemplary,a very professional company and run with a big smile :-)

The new fun passenger ride BMW at norfolk, built by
Cunningham autos
just for us, here is a word from our sponsor.

Cunninghams Garage is a 3rd generation, family run Village garage based in
Hempnall, which has occupied the same site for over 75years.
Having developed and grown significantly over the years Cunninghams is
committed to customer care, providing a fast, friendly, professional and
most importantly a personal service.   Offering an extensive range of
services for all motoring needs including Mot Testing, Servicing and
Repairs on Cars, Motorcycles and Quadricycles.
Cunninghams Auto are also the Sole Uk importer and Distributor for Secma
across the UK.   Focusing on sales for the  Four main Secma models the
F16, QT440DC, QT500 and FAMILY Four, other models including the Qpod, Fun
Buggy and Fun Runner are also often available second hand.  Secma vehicles
are available for hire for advertising and promotional purposes. They are
easily customisable for your own business needs and attract a lot of
attention.Secma parts and accessories are available being despatched
nationally and internationally on a daily basis.
The philosophy at Cunninghams is to help if at all possible and those
values are paramount to our daily work.





Cunnignhams Garage are extremely proud of the modified  Drift Taxi donated
to Malcolm and Norfolk Drift Team.  Converting the BMW E30 may have taken
some time, with a little blood, masses of sweat and a few tears,  combined
with a little imagination and lots of hard work Cunninghams proves
anything is possible!




The first guests, Vicky, Little Grace and brother Tom having
a ride around the staduim at the Sept 10th event..
And below, the extra passenger seat, just for do-nuts but fun
all the same.






Auto Torque London

Unit 22 Redburn Industrial Estate Woodall Road, Enfield, Middlesex





p: 020 8805 9995  

The guys at Auto Torque are drift car friendly and experts at the exhaust fitting game.












Marc carries out fabrication an full builds for










 wp33eb3c23_0f.jpgChassis Work





 wp141ede88_0f.jpgSpace Framing

 Arch Rolling




Race Car Preparation




Minor Restoration




Paint Work




Other Work Considered Wheel Polishing
and Dash Flocking Available
. Cars can be collected




 Ring or Email to discuss your needs.







Marc Huxley has t
taken on the POP project that we
had almost given up on due to a few let downs, 
Follow the build on face book, Huxley Motor sport,
i am following the build and will be adding articles
as we progress.
So a big thank you to Marc, just mention norfolk drift!
Marc's fabrication skills are awsome, dont just take my
word for it have a look at some of the pic's we have on
the build.



Hand made chassis rails and inner arches.









 And rear suspension mounts, all made with NO pattern to follow.









 The rear end of the pop really starting to come together.






 Here we go again, the pop project they called magic!
With a total new direction and
a new player in the team, well to be fare the main player
in the new team linked to an old team, Renamed project 59,
team dark horse.  That should have cleared that up then!




 With the Ford POPULAR (Anglia) project stuck in stalled
mode from its start point,
(this part of the story can be viewed with pictures at 
click the projects page,)



At this point I had been(and still am) heavily involved with
the BDC events and a chance chat with Marc Huxley at Tee-side
lead to a meeting at Steve’s Workshop, Marc instantly
offered help and we agreed that Huxley Motorsport would
take over the project.

I have worked out the cost so far and it’s frightening, my entire
budget has long gone and I was in effect back at the start!

For me this proved to be the last straw in a catalogue of
 changes, lost promises and wasted costs, the up side was
that the offer from Marc was his labour into the project would
 be at a
massive reduced rate, with this offer on the table I have
offered the car and project over to him, with the chance to use it
when its finished, we may well argue over my offer as I no Marc
not agree, but I am a great believer in TEAM spirit.



With the car dragged up to Marc’s workshop’s,(27th Aug 2011) located nr Malvern in
Worcestershire, and after a cup of tea and bacon sandwich the plan began
Huxley Motorsport is what it says, Motorsport run by motorsport people, to that end Marc
with help and advice from ‘Dad’ have repaired, built and raced most types of car, the current
project in the workshop is a Camaro bodied dragster, being built from the ground up.
(now finished Nov2011)






Looking over the pic’s and the cars on show I could tell that the start point was going to be
just that, START again, the roll cage fitted was no were near up to dragster spec, but more
in line with grass track or oval racing so I made the decision to remove the lot, this was carried
out with gusto and a bloody big angle grinder, the cage was probably a bit on the heavy side and
 was also in a non finished state,



Marc and I carried on cutting and removed all of the cage,




































































































































































































































Huxley Motorsport is located just outside
Malvern, Worcestershire
Unit 19
Ridgeway Farm
Malvern Road