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Classic Modified Cortina, with Performance FORD MAGAZINE.



Next race meeting 16th September.

Yes i know its not drifting, but it is part of what we do, the 'Tina' was and is a chance for me to compete again following 6+ years promoting and organising drift days at norfolk and helping out at BDC, the Cortina is a 60.s style hot rod that we run in the classic Modified class at Swaffham race way, it is a new formula and the cars all need to be this style and all run with the same power, the big V6 3ltr engines.

We have also been using the car to promote norfolk drift team, even
to the point of 'drifting' more than a few laps at Kings Lynn, and
Arena Essex as we see here at the Expo in a cold January
In the pits at essex arena a lot of interest around the car,  after the first race, a lot more!

  just me and Kelly lined up ready to take on several Hot Rods.

a taste of things to come as this was about the only way to get 'tina' round.

to_date we have managed 4 final wins on the trot at Swaffham (Aug 2012) several heat
 places in the top 3, which we are really proud of,

Yes i know it looks bad,,, but people pay good money to watch and be
Entertained, only fare you give them a wave.
 many of our drift mates and norfolk regulars have been to support us,
we have also attracted quite a few stock car people to the drifting, even
2 of the CM drivers have had a go in the school car.
Nick from Impact Vids has captured a few 'sideways' moments.
and here are the Ford's running against the non ford opposition

 All Fords together

and in amongst the non fords, the Triumph Stag and the moggy

 note the crowd, we were part of the big all Cortina banger meeting, massive crowd.

and post race calm down,

Ammo and Minnie as always along with the main man Brother
TREV, Trev alone is responsible for the up-keep of the car,set up & everything else
that is needed,

He will also step up and drive when i can not make it due to drift
commitments, along with the massive help from the John R Ford dealership we have really had a great season so far

Going for the wall rub!
and after!

This is Mark Tegerdine who along with Shaun promotes the CM's
Mark and son Sam both started out at the beginning, Sam in 'Tina' and Mark in the Anglia now run by John Jones.
Mark is the main reason for me joining the CM's this year, and his tireless (no pun there!)
work for the formula deserves credit, as a long term served oval racer he knows how hard it is to build and compete in the world of stock car racing, he has put in many hours helping others and that has not helped him with the building of a new car for himself and Sam to race in the CM's, but he is always ' available ' to help others first,many of the photos on this page also come from Mark.

we also write for the Retro Ford magazine every month, here is our first article.

Classic Modified’s. (Jan 2012)


So here we are, Retro ford’s foray into short oval motor racing, we will be campaigning,
 courtesy of Fozzy, a ford Cortina Mk1 in the classic Modifieds formula at the Swaffham raceway 
for the 2012 season,

We are privileged to be running one of the pioneer cars in the class,   (the other an Anglia which
 we will feature later in the year) we have chosen this car because it is built along the lines of the
 standard ford set up, and well we just like it!

The idea for the formula was stuck onto the drawing board in 09,by current drivers rep Mark Tegerdine
 who along with son Sam built and ran the Cortina, and Shawn Mason  the racing manager  at
Swaffham raceway in Norfolk, they wanted and have following the lines and looks of the original
 hot rods that Martin Morris and his Promotion introduced and campaigned in the 1960’s up in the
midlands, and the low riding big wheeled modified classes run to this day in the Americas, it was
however always to be a formula that was going to be affordable and with a variety of body shapes,
 and with the rules set to make it a ‘non cheque’ book formula, moves were made from the start to

 encourage drivers to build cars that really were different, that made the job a bit harder as they wanted
 the cars to be as even as possible, : does that mean I just have to beat the other driver? Well yes it does,
 (worked for Tom Cruise)

  A brave move in the current climate to even think of ‘yet another’ class in the oval world but they weren’t
 finished there, the most common engine used in short oval racing is the trusty 2ltr ford pinto and it has
been used to good effect for many years, but it was never going to be that, it’s all about the noise, Ford V6,
 straight through pipes, side exit, an old boy racers dream, the Cortina even has cherry bombs on it!!
So that was the base,

Its fare to say that a great deal of thought and work has gone into this project, the Macpherson front strut
  set up used by Ford  has always been a main stay for hot rods,  and the escort rear axle has always been a
 very popular choice in so many formula’s,  the Cortina runs just that, but its not always the easy or most
 affordable way, with the idea of keeping the ford engine and gear box set up the guys needed to look elsewhere

as the body choice was to be as varied as possible, and that also meant that the wheel base difference would be
a problem, much head scratching later and what now looks such a simple solution, THE SCIMITAR! Now this was
a moment of madness and genius at the same time, I do wonder if the boys were on a bit to much red bull and
Castrol R at this point and would love to have been a fly on the wall during that conversation, BUT

Yes the Scimitar less all the plastic! Is a very usable chassis, the engine, gearbox and rear axle all matching the
criteria that the boys had planned, and with a few well aimed angle grinder cuts and the wheel base can be ‘adjusted’

to suit the shell of choice, one of the first cars to be tried using this route was a Dave Cumbridge Morris Minor with a
donor chassis a couple of hundred pounds of E-book!  then sold parts from what was left so getting a race car for
 small money,  a Mk1 Escort has also been built using this method, both cars working well, once we have had a test
 drive of a Scimitar based car we will see how it compares with the ‘standard’ format of the Cortina.

  With strict rules on engine placement any difference in wheel base is counteracted with how far back in the chassis
you can move the engine, as different body types are put forward the promoter will assess and advise, for the Fords
 though standard placement + or – a couple of inches seems to work.

Along with the Mk1 there is a Mk2 Cortina, the Anglia and at least two Capri’s, now there’s a good car in standard
3.0ltr guise! Running against scimitar chassis with VW beetles, triumph stags,  a triumph 2000,a DAF (can’t wait to se that)
 a standard Vanguard, seen here 'chasing' the tina.

 and the list of possibilities are endless certainly variety for the Fords to get to grips with (and pass hopefully)

The Engine, we are running is the Essex 3ltr V6, the other engines eligible being the cologne 2.8 and 2.9, the spec for
 the colognes are relatively standard, our V6 is allowed a bit of a tune to make up the power difference, lucky for us
 the camshaft is a Burton performance item and as Burtons are great supporters of anything Ford powered, and helping
 us with other projects I am just tempted to ‘let them breath on it’,

 The heads can be skimmed and a rebuild limited to a +60 rebore so really a minimal upgrade but with lot of reliability
from a long serving motor,

No fancy gearboxes are allowed, welded differential only no limited slippers,

The suspension is free, we are running adjustable all round and the spring rates are free, we will be doing a bit of tinkering
with the set up on the Cortina, for no other reason than ’we can’ the rear axle is 5 link (see Retro Fords guide to 4 and 5 link)
 fitted with fiesta discs and callipers,  I would not have worried if the rear end still had leaf springs, as the Capri’s will be on,
but Tina has had some work done and has her back end all nice and tight!

At the front and rear we have adjustable spring platforms, along with all the adjustments needed to sort out castors and
 cambers across the front, there is a stronger anti roll bar and the brakes have been ‘beefed’ up with bigger callipers and
vented discs.

To keep the cars looking retro the tyres are BIG and the ride height is set HIGH. There is a 6 inch block that checks the
 height of the driver’s side sill, so all cars remain as equal as possible, even to the point of weight, smaller cars having a
advantage so are ‘weighted down a bit’, (I think they put lead in there Y-Fronts!)

For now we have just ‘stickered up’ the car and have not really had chance to get it up in the air, but it will be nut and
 bolt checked next so that we now were everything is and goes, we can then carry some spares for the events,

 We are having some escort van 13inch steel wheels banded to 10inch wide as per the rules to run as spares and for a
set of wets, this is GB after all, and at £26 a wheel how good is that, and very Retro, the tyres are used Michelin racing
 slicks,(1 race old!) bulk buying means that the cost works out at a staggering £8 per tyre, that’s the impressive part for us,
 the guys have nailed the costs as best they can and tried, and succeeded in mandating the rules to run equal, the ride height
 and tyres taking out the advantages of expensive suspension, and engines are currently on face – bay at about the 200 mark
 with all the ancillaries, so we are really looking forward to joining what is a ‘race club’

 have no fear though because when the green flag drops so does the ‘hammer’ and sod the ‘don’t go to the outside on
turn 4’ malarkey,( there goes Tom again) we are in it to win it!, but what ever we do or finish we will be flying the retro ford flag,
 with pride.

More to come in the next episode of ‘Fozzy goes classic’    

The Chase is on with John Jones in the Team Tegerdine built Anglia.
Classic Modified Cortina.

 With the new stickers on the Tina masterly cut out and expertly fitted by Tom Harden our (CM team) resident photo and sticker man, call us for infomation and prices...


And his first pics in the retro ford mag of his stickers!

 it’s time for a nut and bolt check that’s the car not the driver , (that’s a lose screw check!) we are lucky enough to have the use of the local ford dealer J-R-Ford and sons workshops on a Saturday afternoon so with an invite to the Essex Arena for there expo time is short, Brother Trev is already and waiting with the empty ramp so time for work to start, we decide that we just need to have everything in place, not really alter as far as suspension goes, just the seat and the steering, as with any race car they are normally built for the owner, and the guy who own’s the Tina is happy for us to adjust bits!!, lucky that! as I am twice his age and much larger round the waist line, so first things first test fit for me the ‘driver’

The seat that fits the car the guys have kept so we are using a corbeau seat that we have spare,(on loan from Tom) the original seat fittings are for an alloy Butler seat, I fancied a soft seat so we have to make up a few extra brackets for the seat we have, once fitted and at a height that I like we have to look at the steering column, the wheel is far to close to me and poor Trev now has to remove it and shorten it by just over 3 inch’s, never his favourite job,

Whilst he is working away at the front I spend a bit of time looking at the ride height and the cambers of the front wheels, as said we had decided already that we would run the car as is for the expo as it’s not a race meeting, or so we thought! More later,

The rear axle is a 5 link escort axle from a rs 2000, and is locked (welded) all looks good here and the shocks are adjustable, we soften them right off, counting the clicks as we go, the spring rates we are uncertain off but we will corner weight it later.

the front shocks are billstein (capri type,) non adjustable but look and feel ok, again spring rates are not known yet, there is what looks like to much negative camber on the fence (NEAR) side and to much positive on the drivers side, but again w will try it first.

With the steering shortened a test fit means that Trev has to remake a bracket, under an hour and all back together, test fit feels just right, I do feel a plonker all dressed up in fire race suit gloves and crash hat, but needs must.

Next job is an engine service, probably not needed but as we are using the car we like to no we have covered all areas, double checks are important on all areas, one loose fitted hose or clip can cause a non finish in a race or worse damage, over the years we have had a good record of finishes, largely down to pre-race prep.

Engine fluid and filter changes are next as well as a run through of the tappets, we are using a Burton Performance Camshaft in what is other than that a fairly standard 3ltr Essex V6, so a chat with the Burton guys and adjustments are made to the tappets and the timing, sounds sweet, slightly lumpy tick over (which is good) but sounds racy..

All gearbox propshaft and diff bolts are tight so we then move onto the brakes, the rears are the hot rod type set up of escort shafts turned down to take fiesta disc’s and callipers, all fitted with braided brake hose.

The fronts are the big vented sierra disc and calliper set up, all look in great shape so as the wheels are off and we have a tyre bay, and as our newest recruit Ian Shackcloth runs the tyre bay we take the opportunity to remove the tyres (big 22 profile race slicks) from the rims and clean up and paint them ,we are using banded 10inch wide (13inch diameter) ford escort van steel wheels, in the stock car world there are just about every occupation you can think off and the wheels are professionally laser cut and welded by a friend of the Classic Modified’s, and several hundred F2 stock car drivers as well (that’s where the pintos rule) they are very nicely finished and checked to run true, and at around £25 a wheel, nicely priced as well.

 We also have a look at the tyres, they are second hand but that’s good as the cost is peanuts, in fact a set of 8 will last all year and cost half the price of 1 new one, bargain, by removing the tyres we can see and check the rotation, and see which tyres have worked hardest, in the Rods it’s the fence side (NS) that normally works the hardest so we swop around sorting the tyres to the relevant corners, all the tyres look in good shape and are fitted back on the newly painted rims, we have gone for stock steels for the real retro look, we do have a few Weller wheels but will save them for the wets,

In order to keep things as even as possible the tyres are the very same slicks, and then hand cut for a wet weather pattern.

Retro Ford’s Classic Modified cor ‘TINA’

Pre-race checks.

Following the expo at the Essex arena raceway, and the GBH of the diff we have had ‘Tina’ back on the ramp, its unusual for us as a team to blow a diff, but the Cortina is a totally different animal to ‘normal’ oval race cars, and we need to find out what is wrong, Quick!

To be fare the English axle is no spring chicken, but despite  being 40 + years old it is still a massive part of the retro scene and the oval racing world, not just hot rods but hard hitting stock cars, it would be interesting to see how many cars are still racing with them, there are 300+ brisca F2’s running and that is just one promotion, (and all using the 2ltr Pinto’s) so we no that with the power range of the pinto reported at up and around 160+bhp the English axle set up really does take the punishment, we however managed to break both shafts and wound out the diff carrier bearing and retainer, we are running the old Essex 3ltr engine and it does have some grunt, but that should still not kill a good English!,

Once up in the air we have a good look around and check the axle casing is square and no sign of a bent tube, all the 5 link is tight and in place, we are running a fare bit of nose down on the diff, and with 10inch race slicks that’s a lot of grip, but the ‘owner’ had run most of last year with no trouble, at the moment we have to put the blame for unit failure with the driver! That be me then, but the chance to out drag a national spec hot rod into turn 1 from a standing start (3 times) was something that just had to be done.


We had in stock a good 3.9 diff, the gearing for the main tracks we will use the ‘Tina’ on are requiring a 3.5, not easy to find or more to the point Cheap! Ben had tried to find some one to convert the diff to run the stronger shafts but we are still searching, it seems an easy fix but things are never that simple, so we  rebuild the 3.5 into the spare casing and refit, we did not reweld the planet gears as the diff itself was intact and once cleaned showed no signs of cracks or sharp teeth, during this operation it was a good time to replace a leaking oil seal in the tail shaft of the gearbox and also to strip out and check the rear disc brakes, all sorted in a couple of hours (well for brother Trev that is) the only other job was the fitment of another mirror, side mount on the drivers door so I can see anyone going for the inside into the turn.

RACE DAY round 1 (April 2012)

Our first proper race in Tina at Swaffham was Easter Sunday, and as we all know the weather does the dirty on most Bank Holidays so it would be interesting to see what it would bring on the day, we did have a couple of wet tyres cut for us by the Tegerdine team just in case!.

We arrived early and set up camp, as the formula is still in its infancy it was nice to see a few new cars pulling into the pits, in all 8 cars set out for race 1, Ford’s on the go being our MK1, a Mk2 Cortina, the very well presented Anglia (John Jones)and a Mk1 Escort,(Julian Meakins)

The opposition, a BMW 2002, And a Triumph Stag both built by the Meakins team, a Standard Vanguard (Shaun Mason) and a Moggy Minor (Dave Cumbridge), and with all the cars running the same engine spec they are very even on pace but look totally outrageous and cool at the same time and with another 6+ in build, including a ford Mustang bodied car!! It’s looking good for the rest of the year,

we have a 6 lap practice session which highlights for me at least what the other drivers styles are as I have never raced against any of them, few lessons learnt means that the race its self should be fun. Drivers briefing done it’s on to:

Race 1

The grid line up for the Modifieds is sorted by the promoter and its no surprise that we are started right at the back, which I like to be honest, just about half a lap down on the front cars, in oval racing the guys with more experience start further back and the less experienced start at the front, (try that in F1 Bernie, then we would see overtaking!!) as the drivers score points in each race they then move further back for the next meeting and so on, I guess as I am the old fart out there they just want to keep me out of harms way!

We get a rolling lap behind the control car and the green flag drops and we are off, getting heat into the tyres is hard going in 1 slow lap so the first few corners we suffer a massive amount of push (turn right, go straight on!) so it’s a case of Scandinavian flick time, which seemed to work, I was pleased to catch and pass a couple of cars early on but did have a job getting past a couple battling for 3rd and 4th, even in my super rod days, and we ran a full arch and body kit Sierra! did I never really came up behind a car on track and thought, bugger that’s huge but the sight of the Vanguard along side the Moggy Minor was just so unreal, after a lap or so a small gap opened up and through we went, still not to sure how but by now we were never going to catch the flying Anglia, but 2nd first time out was a good finish,

Race 2

As you might expect bank holiday rain appeared for race 2, as everyone only had slicks we decided to not run the wets on offer, it was daunting to say the least as we were still trying to get some descent turn in, now rain as well on slicks it was a case of letting the rear shocks right off, dropping the tyre pressure’s on the two inside wheels and having a go.

Again we managed a few ‘wild round the outside’ manoeuvres and had made 2nd with about 5 laps to go and catching the leader, the whole feel of the car changed and felt just like we were running an open (unlocked) diff, and as we entered turn 4 bang,

On return to the pits, and thankfully the rain had stopped, Trevor removed the wheels, discs and half-shafts to assess the damage, both shafts were ok, so it was diff change time, not the first we have done over the years,
and Yes that is me gettin dirty!!

we had a spare 3.5 welded with us so 20 mins later and with the evil smell of ep90 in the air, and as ever on the clothes, the diff is sorted,  wheel’s back on just as the cars take to the track for our final.


Tentatively I ran the car for a few laps round the track as the marshals were clearing up from the previous race and bolting the fence up and all seemed fine, the track was still very wet but now we knew how hard we could push the car, with the brake bias wound to the rear a few turns more we no longer need to scandi flick! To be fare the first turn had me on the steering lock stop’s which everyone else seemed to like! Bit of a bum clench moment though, about mid race the Mk2 Cortina (Kelly King)

Kelly' do-nutter' King  'yes mate that's a mk2'

had a moment and spun just as we were trying an overtake but the gap between the fence and the front of the MK2 was about right for a pass, so onwards and upwards, with 4 laps to go we had made ground on the lead car, the Vanguard, which looks massive, and IS massive, but with 2 laps to go a gap opened and we are in and away,

So a final win for the retro fords at our first meeting was a pleasing result, some great driving by the Modifieds drivers in very unsavoury conditions and on slicks to boot.

We will be back on the ramp to see if we can make Tina more drivable and stop spitting diff’s and report on the antics of the retro ford classic modified ‘Tina’ next month.

Follow on Classic Modifieds face book page and reports and videos’ are on  stoxNrods face book page including vids of all three races.



no good hiding it!!!! we all know its a dent..

So far the journey of the retro Cortina has been quite successful, as we head for round 2 at Swaffham race way for once we feel that the set up will work with out to much fiddling, we also arrive with a high expectation from some of the reporters and spectators, we do however know that we are ALL getting quick and close so it is a exciting challenge,

We have concentrated on the Cortina for the last few ‘episodes’  but the cars that run in the mod’s are such a variety its a shame not to give them credit, despite many being non ford body, the reason people read and enjoy retro ford is that what ever is under the hood the body is the blue oval, the man Morley has as we know a jap powered ‘potter’ anglia

The Anglia, and the long serving moggy of Dave Cumbridge in his new colours.

Round 2 at Swaffham raceway for team Retro Ford (12/5/2012)

Car prep.

Following a rather wet first outing and another diff failure the team (TREV again) decided to have Tina back on the ramp for a check up, the diff breaking in heat 2 last time out was a bit of a worry as it was wet! But the replacement had seemed ok in the final.

The diff that let go was the original from the car, and we suspect that a weld or the planet gears just gave way after all we did give some stick, and we didn’t really know how much work the diff had already carried out, lesson learnt as we should perhaps reweld all the joints and gaps first time round.

Trevor decided to drop the diff, shafts and all the brakes of and start again, I had reported that the car was grabbing at the rear in the last race to the point I could see the link bars moving!

 As we are running this car on top of all the other ‘duties’ this year we have not really had the time to go testing and ‘play’ so all test and set up is done in-between races, on the day, and that is never the right way to go about things,no matter how many years in the business it still pay’s to test! so a chat with Trev means that we will strip out the whole back end and start again from scratch, with the shafts out and measured we have found that one shaft is a few mm’s longer than the other, so Trev has made up a few spacers to even up were the callipers sit, the diff is stripped out totally cleaned and re-welded, as we have only ever broke 1 english diff in 30+ years we want to make sure that this one lasts, the callipers are also stripped down and repaired as the fence side calliper was sticking.

I know people will think that the oval’s are easy, it may look that way but we still need to treat the tracks with respect as we enter corners anything up to 70 MPH, and the fence is only 3 and at most 4 car widths wide, so turn in and car control are a must,I feel that I am having to over drive the Tina so we need to look at the set up and change it a bit to suit my driving style (No wise cracks here Morley!!) you need confidence in your car on the ovals, on the bigger circuit tracks there is a bit more room for that oopp’s moment and in most cases a gravel trap, in ovals its oopp’s and bang normally!, and as we like to try and overtake on the out side its really important to not get to out of shape,

So Trev has measured everything again and as ever noted everything he does in a book, very professional my younger brother, well worth doing as we can always revert to a setting for wet, or dry without having to guess, our rule of thumb has always been only change 1 thing at a time, that sadly has not been possible so far and again we are changing things as we find them.


We have a drift practice day to run at King’s Lynn with the race meeting in the evening at Swaffham, and that means that we will arrive at Swaffham 5mins before start time, hence no time to practice and set up, I decide to off load the Tina at the drift day much to the amusement of the drivers and crowd just to re-bed the new brakes really, but all publicity is good so they say,

A few laps on old tyres was enough to bed the brakes and play with the brake bias assembly, and as it turned out find a small

fault with the steering, a failed knuckle making it ‘interesting’ at turn 2,

Race 1

With all tyres set and the shocks set hard it’s into race one and see what happens, we are still suffering badly with the turn in, so again its scandi flick time, and a real good battle with the escort who is also struggling, a few down the inside and up the outside moves are made but not really knowing were the escort is going next made a pass ‘difficult’ so we are happy with 3rd.
Julian's Escort.(may2012)

Race 2

Chatting to Julian the escort driver it appeared that the gearbox was his problem, following a diff change the ratios were all wrong so 2nd and 3rd gears were used which makes the car wild in the turns!

From the start the car felt better as we had dropped the ride height a bit on the inside rear but it I was still having to over drive the car, but we were on the power before the apex (centre) of the bends so the change was for the better, by dropping the rear it takes a bit of weight of the fence side front, that means that the tyre is not starting to buckle in the turn,=more grip, we manage to catch the leader but still not quite able to get a pass round the outside of a somewhat ‘wide’ Anglia, so 2nd it is.


For the final we have made yet more changes with some help from our life long friend Chas Farrer (multi oval world champion)

We also drop 2 PSI from the tyres as the track and the air are now ‘cold’,

The changes this time have worked and after the first 2 laps I am used to the handling, now the car turns in better but the rear end goes light, that’s un-nerving to start but it is the way I like to drive so the car is sliding under power by the apex and is sideways coming out of the turn, just as an old Ford should, the extra speed helps and for the last 3 laps its fun time with a bit of room over the second placed Anglia, with smoking tyres over the line for our second grand final win in a row,

Retro ford fans enjoyed it in the crowd and with air horns on the go made for a great finish to the night.

my 2 girls!! minnie the mrs, on the left and daughter Sophie.
And the phantom pie eater of norfolk, BRIAN RINGWOOD, drift team member on a visit to watch the CM's

For the next 1

We would like to be able to run the car at the Retro Ford circuit track day so we will have to rethink the front suspension, but it would also help us as we can adjust out or in more camber so just another job for the pit crew.

 ROUND 3 (June 2012)

So its already round 3 for the Retro Ford Mag Classic Modified Cortina, already we have changed a few bits and the car was really good at round 2, a Final win proved that the car was getting used to its driver! So as i was told long ago by a fella called Lee, that’s Barry Lee of hot rod fame, if it works DONT fiddle with it, race it so our only change to the car was a replacement seat, our old Corbeau still being epically comfortable but tired ( 9 years old open to the elements but still good) with a new Corbeau, the company have supported us for some time and have always been spot on for service and info, a seat repair for us done in double quick time,

I have use Corbeau seats virtually all my racing life, 30+ years now, i meet the owner at a touring car meeting in my teen’s and we pit boarded for him at Brands Hatch a few times, Colin Fobwell, a fare pilot in his day he was to, so its really just one of those things you do, sort of superstition if you like, or now comfort is king,

We arrive at swaffham early to have a nose around as its a all non contact meeting, there are several ford body cars on show in the other formulas, but sadly not as many as a few years past when the escorts ruled the hot rod scene, a few fiesta body cars are still used as are the Puma! But no’old school’ on show.

We have spoke a lot about our ‘Tina’ but we also see that the cars in the classic mods are a bit of a mixture, to the point of eclectic! Along with our MK1 is a Anglia, built on the same lines as of old, Mac person struts and coil overs on the rear with escort rear axle, nice looking car and we will be track test with it soon,

We all read retro ford for a reason, its a passion for the blue oval, no one mutters if the power plant is non standard, to the point that even the man Morley runs a ‘Potter’ Anglia with a Jap power house in it, we at the Modified’s are of the same thinking but the other way round, the heart and soul of all the cars are FORD, Essex or cologne V6 being the power plant and a variety of axles from the Cortina’s MK1,2,and 3, the idea has always been to try and get a level of fairness with power and handling so its a close race and driver skill, every time.

The easy options are sometimes the best, so the rules state a few build regulations and a few options, the main one being the use of the scimitar chassis, = buy 1 3ltr scimitar of the ebay for a few hundred ££’s  and remove the body, sell the parts and interior, the lads have made money on the two they used last, find an old pre 1966 car body, remove the upper body shell, chop the scimitar chassis in half and move the wheel base to match the 66 shell, weld together and fit cage, seat, electrics and a brake light, paint and serve..  ok so i have made it sound easy but its certainly do-able,this then brings in the variety that makes the formula interesting for the fans, we have a BMW 2002 body car, built for under a grand,

There is a non ford mix!! the Stag, the Standard Vanguard, and the BMW 2002.

 the Triumph Stag body is also racing and another in build soon to appear, a Standard Vanguard, never would you think of that monster as a hot rod, and when you are behind it, IT looks massive, but due to the build its is quick and handles the same as all the
 others, the little ‘moggy minor’ and the latest addition a VW Beatle

Young Bradly Blyth from the long time racing Blyth stable, in the crazy looking Beetle, (1 of my favorites)

shows the class is as varied as any of the bigger classes in the country, a triumph herald is almost complete as well. I no i am bias but at the moment the fords are taking more than a few honours with the Anglia and the MK 1Escort (scimitar) being a challenge to overtake.

Also in build and close to finish are a couple of MK1 Capri’s (the 66 rule is a guide line, anything retro will be looked at by the promoter)

So race 1,

Lively start to the night for us from a rear of the grid with a last 4 laps trying the dusty outside line to past the ‘wide’ escort, very well handled by one of the 3 Meakins family that compete Julian, i did try but just didn’t quite make it.

Race 2 was as race 1, lively, loads of overtaking and this time we did come out on top, just!, my driving style means that the rear tyres get a bit hot, with loads of outside line we melt the rears and lose all grip but hang on, and hang it out for the win.


The lads change tyres, and tell me off, and as the sky is now dark and the flood lights are on the temp has dropped so a play with tyres and pressures is a guess, the race seemed longer, thats because it was! And the extra 5 laps give me little grip for the last 4 laps, having just managed to get the lead a few brave dives into the corners see both the Tina and the Anglia fighting for track space, even sparks from the Anglia sump guard on the inner kerb, but a win, JUST makes 3 finals in row and a pleasing result for the team, can we make it 4, think they are out to get us LOL, the guys are getting to grips with the new cars and will soon be coming past!, a VW Beatle with a Essex V6 in the front, cool car Great sound. See you all for round 4.
Young Meakins in the stag!


Round 4. (July 2012)

With the race season well underway, despite the ‘weather’ trying to spoil everyone’s summer, we are now already at the half way stage in our Retro Ford Cortina, and things have gone well for us and the new formula, as i tap away at the keyboard i had failed to realise how popular ‘Tina’ has become, thanks to face book and of course the mag, until recently, we had been invited along to a local car show at Parsons Drove nr Wisbech, as ever our little team thought it would be fun, and something that might help the Classic Modified’s,

Ready for the off! with a retro camper called 'steve' tow waggon.

on arrival in what seemed the middle of nowhere we were greeted by the organisers and allocated a pitch in a prime slot.

The ‘small’ show turned out to be a great event with well over 100 classic, modified and road going cars, bikes and small trucks, and several mint Fords,

Looks like Minnie liked this one..

as well as some 'intresting' motors.

and a possible CM tow truck

 we also had a surprising number of people pop into the tent that are avid readers of the mag, we were pleased to be part of it all, and the Cortina was a hit, kids and adults all asking about it, we had several RF mags for people to look at and some dvd’s running as well, fellow CM driver John Jones rocked up with his CM Anglia and a very smart road going mk1 escort,

details are passed on to the man Morley for future articles’, so in all a great event all round,

and this guy was the only one not to like the engine noise of the CM's!!!

 O yes, some night shots on the saturday!   camper steve.

and the organisors motor.

  and the blues brothers were good to! looking forward to the invite for 2013

So onto round 4 and we have a new car alert; Jim Harrod and his MK1 Capri, a most welcome addition to the ranks,

Jim has managed to get the car on the track with more than a little help from the long time served oval racer and now car builder Stu Blyth, the guys could have had the car out sooner,

 but thankfully decided  that the finish needed to be the best possible, when Jim got the car it had been part built and sadly the doors and panels just plated over, NOW all the panels, and the detailing that was part of the Capri’s appeal have been reborn,

 the cage is now up to oval race spec and the drive train is the same as the ‘Tina’, Macpherson front struts coil over rears, and the Essex V6 up front, we will look in to the car build later in the year.

Also having his first outing in the CM.s is Mark Hewlett in the newly painted mk1 escort purchased from the Meakins team a few weeks earlier

Darren Barns in the Tina MK2.
and the man himself.

Photo: 3 Classic old Fords combined with 3 younger beauties, the perfect combination!

Race 1

We are on the bill as a support formula, at the biggest event seen at Swaffham raceway for many a year, All one make banger racing, with way over 160 cars we are lucky to be a part of the meeting, the down side is that the bangers do tend to ‘disintegrate, ‘and as there are drivers from several countries taking part the track was due to take a pounding, the promotion had booked 2 track sweepers to try and help, nice thought as slick tyres verses oil water and body parts does not really work for flat out hot rodding,

We start at the rear of the grid as usual, the grids are worked so that the quicker cars/drivers start further back, just over half a lap, we run a rolling laps behind the pace car, for this event we have had no practice so its guess work as to settings and tyre pressure, we get a flyer and as the front pack battle it out we ‘sneak’ up and make an attempt to pass, we like to pass if possible round the outside, this time with the banger dust and debris there is little grip, fighting up to second place sorted but the outside line just not having the grip so after 4 laps on the outside 2ndplace behind the very well driven Triumph Stag bodied car of young Meakins,

Race 2

See’s the Capri in the grid line up, our first real sight of the bright orange Ford, same rolling start, we don’t get the flyer as Mark in the escort has got to grips with the car and is starting to pull out a gap, after the first race and the surprising lack of grip we have gone for lower pressures, to be fare we could have used blue tack, sticky tape and super glue and it wouldn’t have made much difference, as we have the car set now as soon as i let of the power the car turn’s to the right, as the car settles the back end goes light and that sets the car into a power slide, more power doesn’t always mean more speed, following the escort through the field we start to catch the front runners, and the Capri, exiting turn 4 the Capri sheds a front wheel, we just avoid it but it’s a red flag situation and race is stopped, on the restart Mark in the escort is holding a good line and after what feels like 20 laps(it was 5) on the outside it’s a very close 2nd again.
WINNER, Mark Hewlet.

And Big Jim siting out the remainder of heat 2.
sure there was a wheel there just now!

no permanent damage and out for the next heat.
In the pits, Big Jim’s Capri returns, we survey the damage, luckily team Fozzy carry spares and with new studs and nuts fitted the Capri is ready to go, we have learnt that some parts just have to be new, and wheel studs are just that, new, extended sierra and new mondeo wheel nuts, with the wheels we use, heavy all steel 10 inch wide and big tyres the stress on the studs is a fare bit more than normal,

The Final

The crowd for this meeting was massive, more than i have ever seen at Swaffham, so the final was eagerly awaited by many, we were so pleased that the banger crowd were enjoying our formula, same format for the start as the heats, this time under the flood lights as the light was just staring to dim, we have softened the rear suspension, just on the fence side for the final, this did lead to a  slightly more tail happy car than normal, but sort of worked, at half way point we had caught the leader, that young Meakins in his Stag, again holding a tight line he was very hard to pass, several laps alongside meant that our tyres were starting to ‘go off’ so time to drop back in behind as now the escort had joined the mix, with 5 to go time to have another go, this time a banzi lunge in to the home turn just gets our nose in front, finding a bit of grip! We manage to pull in front, from there it was just stay tight and get to the finish, the amount of people who have commented on the Tina also say they like the sideways style we use, so against the wishes of the pit crew the last 2 laps are on opposite lock, tyre smoke and sideways from a 60’s style hot rod are what they like to see and who are we to disappoint,


and yes that’s 6 tyres melted so far this year, but it is so much fun, and i hope getting the Classic Modified’s and retro ford noticed!...

top 3 in the

ME, JORDAN MEAKINS, and DAVE 'are those girls real'CUMBRIDGE

Next stop retro Ford takes over Brands Hatch. AUG 26th
This sadly clashes with round 5 at Swaffham, but we owe it to the Mag to support there day, and also the promoters are more than happy for us to showcase the formula.
Next date for the CM’s at swaffham on 15th and 16th September

Stu' Blyth,(on the left) car builder and nice fella standing next to
Richard Walbridge, another nice fella, and hard working supporter of the CM's 

Now here is a thought! already the Meakins team are looking to build a Jag as they have now sold the Escort and the BMW
(aug 2012)

Also soon to appear the team Tegerdine triumph Stag  (Aug 2012)

And from oval racer Shaun Robert Clarke

A Triumph Herald well on the way, hope to see this out in 2012


more reports on line soon.

no points charts for this formula but start in 'points order,

Thats us starting at the back again then!!1