Charity Fun Night 2013

Charity Fun Night 2013


Everyone is a winner at norfolk, so they all got a plaque and a bottle of fizz to spray.



Some proper close drift action all night from the regulars and the top 16 stars.


Even Louis Smith joined in the fun!

Full details and results to follow

1st  Chris Hawkins

2nd Olly Silcock

3rd Kirsty Widderington.


A few pics from the day from the photographers

20130713MC54038 photo 20130713MC54038.jpg 
20130713MC54012 photo 20130713MC54012.jpg 
20130713MC53476 photo 20130713MC53476.jpg 
20130713MC53330 photo 20130713MC53330.jpg 
20130713MC53184 photo 20130713MC53184.jpg 
20130713MC52961 photo 20130713MC52961.jpg 
20130713MC52410 photo 20130713MC52410.jpg 
20130713MC52302 photo 20130713MC52302.jpg 
20130713MC51953 photo 20130713MC51953.jpg