MALX    07786 243179



ALSO join our facebook page, norfolk arena drift team fan page, 

Bookings for all events are required. 

contact via me or Hilary 'minnie' Collins on FB
or visit the norfolkarena website

We also have a sales page, norfolk drift team

All bookings are to be sent to Hilary 'minnie' Collins via email 

or our face book page, for those unable to access FB phone Malx 

direct on 07786 243179.


Since our very first drift day in 2006 our price for drift day practice 

has stayed the same at £40 in large due to the support of the stadium owners

£40 per car and 1 driver.

£20 per second driver in any car.

£5 per passenger, thats for the WHOLE day.

Wrist bands are required for ANYONE that goes on track and

are issued at the sign on office.

Photograpers are most welcome and sign on and on track 

wrist bands are FREE. (£5 if you want to passenger in a car)

As with all motorsport safety is a prioraty, no sign on, no wrist band,

 no entry to the track, no exceptions.

NOISE limits for norfolk are not set in stone but we do expect all cars to 

run exhaust systems and no straight through's 115DB is a max.....

All cars should be of a safe standard, we except track only cars.

All cars MUST have seat belts and MUST be worn at all times on track.

Working brakes.

Fitted front screen.

All cars are required to run with side windows upto shoulder level.

Soft tops with roof down MUST have side windows and run with them

 upto shoulder level, and drivers are requested to wear helmets and visors.

All cars should be presentable with not sharp edges, 

please also respect the fact we are a family orentated stadium, 

slogans/stickers are permited but should be 'respectfull' remember that we welcome 

photograpers from all over the country and we are lucky enough to get 

fantastic coverage on the media sites, fly the norfolk banner with pride....

PLEASE contact Malx if you have any questions.