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1, What do you need to drift?
 A rear wheel drive car, most popular are the jap turbo cars, I have found that the BMW's are a great starter car, just weld the rear differential (or book into Rude Motorsport Liam Stevens ) and away you go.
Stiffer suspension helps but can be sorted easily once you get the hang of the car.

Rude Motorsport offer a wide range of custom made parts at grass roots prices to help new drifters (newbee's) get a start, modified hubs and arms are a great start as well as the ''hydro'' handbrake, strut brace's etc

Call Liam on 07872877548, tell him Malx sent you!

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2 Which car do i choose to start out?

As I have used most types over the years i have come to the somewhat obvious conclusion it all hinges on finance!, the BMW i use(pictured above) has been bounced of the rev limiter, not just by me but also the few hundred people that have 'had a go' for over 10years,
Despite the running over of a thousand cones, being stolen and rammed into a mud pile,it is still running well.

Most BMW's that have a larger engine, 6 cylinder, 2.0ltr and above can be picked up for about £350 - £500
The Nissan's are a bit more money, £1000 upwards on average for a usable one,the engines do seem to be a bit more prone to trouble than the BMW,but they are 'tuned ' from standard, and most have a turbo so effectively more to go wrong!
But that a-side, the on tap power from the turbo engine does make them a bit easier to handle.
Ford still have a part to play with the Sierra and even the big engine Granada's,but these cars are disappearing fast and not cheap for a good one.
The 340 Volvo is also an option,lacking power but still usable.

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3 what's next?
Book onto a track day
Drifting is just about the only 'motorsport' were most of the drivers and owners, drive to the event, race it all day and then drive it home, and then drive them to Sainsbury's or work,
Therefore an MOT is a must, this also means that road legal needs to be high on the wish list, noisy exhaust and battered panels do not go down well with the authorities,
Most track days are described as practice days, this means the chance to test your limits, and the car on a purpose built circuit,with just a few cones to hit at worst,

DONT forget to tell the insurance people if you modify your road car

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4 What are the basics? 
The idea is to get the car as sideways as possible without loosing control, all the way around the course, sounds easy, do not be fooled!,
Best advise is to visit a practice day and chat to drivers, have a few passenger rides,and if you like us,and what you see come along and try it.
 I run a bmw school car, get some instruction, and have the chance to try before you buy.
We have seen many first timers come to norfolk, we help out with car set up as well as driving tips, tution is on hand,and all carried out in a friendly atmosphere,
There are other schools up and down the country, most advertise on Driftworks. 
5 Who are driftworks?

“Its run for Drifters by Drifters”

Driftworks was born from our love of drifting.
We are proud to be part of the small group of friends that first established drifting in the UK and Europe.
In our journey from first gear donutters, to becoming some of the best drifters in Europe, we had to go through incredible difficulties building our first drift cars, learning how to set them up, and most importantly how to drive them correctly, as there was no one to advise us along the way other than a few outdated Japanese DVDs..
Now with the support of the entire drifting community, we bring you our wealth of experience and knowledge to provide you with the parts and setup advice to build an amazing practice toy, or competition winning weapon.
You guys don’t know how easy you have it! Our knowledge is ripe for the picking. Buy the best parts from us, listen to our advice, read the Driftworks website, then just go out, have fun and be awesome

6 Were do i get a car?
There are drift cars for sale on our sales page norfolk drift team.as well as Piston Heads, Driftworks,E/bay, to name but a few, my advice would be to talk to drivers, they always know of someone selling, OR speak Malx for advice, if you are a first time buyer it maybe worth offering a few ££'s to get someone to come with you before you buy.