Norfolk 'snappers' Gallery

welcome to the norfolk 'snappers' Gallery.  tweety animated gif

Ammo is our official photographer at norfolk drift team, in this roll he is the man to see if you want to take pics at any of our track days.
 We welcome new snappers along with the Pro's and Ammo is their first call, he understands the places we allocate to take photos, and the safety involved 'on track'.

So with this in mind i have opened up this page for you all to post your favorite pics, PM me on drift works, contact via face book or e/mail.
i have started a page for each of our regular photographers, this page is for anyone that wants to have one of ther pics published.

so first up the man himself  AMMO.
Catching the norfolk spirit with Chris 'i'm a PRO now'. Hawkins.
And a sideways glance at Minni-D trying out her new car at the ladies day, set up by Lozza at santa pod

Nathan making an attempt to dry the track

Dirt drop FTW

Shaz in the monster Soarer

 and LOOK NO HANDS from Chris

AND from the BDC day

and some more from the Dec 18th 2010 event


Sherry Ann   >

 getting some great pics,

Our glamorous Grandmother Mavis running rings round Malx and 'donutin' like a pro.
Mavis put up a great show and the crowd showed their appreciation


But shows the gal knows were to point the camera

Some great art'y shots

Our international lady visitor Ana

Laura & Callum, on the scam for more passenger rides

Lexus at speed

and later in the day with speed and good angle

Check out Sherry Ann Fain's pic's on face book


More to come from this talented lady i am sure

Kenny Hawkins also with camera

Liking the sparkles Kenny


A nice couple of shots from norfolk regulars  Fluffposinski


And from the Crackers household
Gina, crackers girlfriend and the boss!

Making the boy work, despite just gaining a licence for BDC

The grin say's it all

Some 'passport style'